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There is no benefit of having dental insurance if you don’t go to the dentist, and a lot of people with dental insurance don’t go. And of those that do go to the dentist, the majority of them do not maximize their benefits and get the dental treatment that they need. The purpose of dental insurance is to provide the support and benefit to establish your dental health and wellness. For some people this involves active treatment of conditions and for others it’s to provide the benefit of preventing disease and maintaining wellness.

Now is the time to plan on getting your dental treatment done before the end of your benefit year. The end of the year is quickly approaching and time goes fast and becomes more restricted as the year winds down.

Planning your dental care during the months of October, November and December is an excellent way manage your care. Keep in mind that some treatments, such as crowns and oral appliances can take 2-3 weeks to complete for insurance benefit. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your dental treatment done and maximize your insurance benefits.

Use your dental insurance before your benefit year expires because unused benefits do not carry over, even though your treatment needs do and diminishes your benefits the following year.

So when is dental insurance not a benefit? Dental insurance is never a benefit if you fail to use it. Use it for your benefit.

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