Summer is here and the living is good, some days it’s easy, and definitely it’s the time to eat fresh foods, enjoy good company and share good wine. It’s a season that makes you appreciate the rewards of your hard work.

If you are in the market and mood for a good wine stop by Authentica Artisan Wines and talk with my good buddy Steven J. Baker, the owner and resident wine expert. Steve won’t steer you wrong and will gladly enjoy sharing with you all that you will need to know about selecting the right wine for your occasion. And what is amazing is how often the perfect wine that he recommends is also a great bargain.  Expensive doesn’t always mean good and cheap doesn’t have to mean bad, but Steve will  make sure to pair you with the appropriate wine for your occasion and Authentica Wines is the place to get it..

The wine featured here is a Wiengut Ackermann 2011 Riesling, a German Riesling with a 9% alcohol content. Imported by Teutonic Wine Co. in Portland, Oregon.  Teutonic Wine Co. is a wine importer that is building a bridge between Oregon and the cool alpine wine regions of Northern Europe.

We paired the wine with miso soup, scallion pancakes and vegetarian sushi, which seems like an unlikely pairing but it went extremely well together. A Riesling also goes surprisingly well with spicy Thai and Mexican food, providing a crisp and clean compliment.

The best thing bout this wine was the price, $15!! You could certainly spend more on a Riesling , but you don’t need to because this wine really delivers for the price.


Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD