2013 was a year that filled me with great gratitude and appreciation of my profession, and for the opportunity for me to be a part of the health and wellness of the patients who entrust their care to me.  It’s not a cliche to say that the greatest reward comes from the relationship and bonds that you build with your patients.

2013 was a very fulfilling year, professionally and personally. I continued my professional development with continuing education courses at Tufts Dental School, Boston, UCSF School of Dentistry, San Francisco and the annual conference for the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine in Baltimore. To be a doctor is to truly be a student for life.

Personally 2013 was filled by good health, good food, good fishing, good travel and great family.

I sincerely offer a thank you for all who are a part of my practice and my life.


The greatest joy of my year was the birth of my first grandchild, Evangelina Joanna Poulos, born May 2013 to George and Nicole Poulos.


Providing treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy is a service that we will provide more of in 2014. Sleep apnea is a common condition with serious health consequences and is more commonly undiagnosed and untreated. All patients in my practice are screened and advised of their risk and associated health problems.


Oil pulling is an ayurveda practice of swishing with coconut, or other pure oil, for the benefit of prevention of gum disease and other therapeutic benefits. Allopathic, western medicine, has long denied the benefits of alternative medicine but is showing favorable interest and support of oil pulling. If is doesn’t hurt you then there is no risk in trying something that may provide a benefit.

3BThe office art for 2013 featured four photography shows and the interest was so high that I am continuing that through 2014.

4Fishing the salmon fly hatch on the Klamath River in June was the highlight of my fishing season.

5We have amazing options for outdoor activities within an hours drive.


2013 Feast Portland was the food event of the year. I was able to attend a dinner at Paley’s Place that featured the wine service of Andrea Robinson, one of the few female Master Sommeliers in the world.


Family health and happiness is the most that we can ever ask for and the best that we can get.

10And when you get to pass that love to the next generation it makes it that much better.

Thank you 2013!!

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD