I am a very satisfied user of a sleep appliance to treat sleep apnea (MAD mandibular advancement device). 

I am almost 70 and not particularly overweight. I have known for several years that I have sleep apnea. My wife first noticed that I was having periods when I would stop breathing briefly. I had been reading articles about the connection between sleep apnea and later life dementia, so I was concerned. I consulted a Sleep MD and did an overnight test that confirmed moderate sleep apnea. I was prescribed a CPAP. That first CPAP trial (paid by insurance) was a dismal failure. Over many months I couldn’t adjust. I tried many different nose and mouth devices. They bothered me, woke me up and felt claustrophobic. I felt the CPAP worsened my sleep. After several months my insurance considered the trial a failure and took back the device. I continued to be concerned about my apnea. So, I bought my own CPAP to try again. I was diligent but just could not adjust. Around that time, I happened to move to a new Dentist for insurance reasons and (thank God) my new dentist specialized in sleep appliances. It took me a while to decide to proceed with an appliance due to the cost, but now, a year later I’m very glad I did. There were a few weeks of adjustment to the new device, and my mouth was sore for a while. But my sleep improved immediately. I no longer have periods of apnea and my wife reports almost no snoring. I feel I’ve found a long-term solution to my apnea. The device is much more convenient to use than a CPAP. I can travel with this appliance in my toilet kit without having to drag around a CPAP machine.



Thank you and your staff for the professional care and teaching you extended to me on the Sleep Apnea device. I cannot tell you how happy and satisfied my wife and I are with the device. Any doubts or worries I may have had especially considering the significant investment were quickly set to rest after the first night. I was a little concerned the first few hours (maybe three) because of the initial discomfort but that quickly receded thereafter to a solid night’s sleep.

I no longer get a startled “wake up” feeling like I had stopped breathing. Plus, I now have the added bonus of morning awakening refreshed and I now breath more deeply through the day.

This has all been well worth the investment. I actually now look forward to a good nights sleep. It is also a benefit to not having to travel with a pump and headgear. To say I’m satisfied is overly conservative to say the least.

Thank you again for making this such an easy transition to a good night’s sleep.


Several years ago, I was treated by Dr. Dexter after receiving a diagnosis of sleep apnea and got from him a therapeutic oral appliance. Immediately the appliance almost completely remedied my sleep problems and continues to serve me well. I rarely snore, almost never loudly, and I don’t gasp for breath. I sleep through the night and wake refreshed. I dream vividly. The oral appliance was easy to use from the start with almost no discomfort or difficulty. I use it every night. Elegant in its simplicity, the appliance is effective, easy to clean and maintain, and has earned my gratitude for restoring me to good sleep—and also, I would add, benefitting my marriage and hte sleep of my spouse.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD