Simple ingredients of the highest quality done to perfection. People who have read my blog will see a very common theme: food, travel and family. What might be lost in my messages is that there are a lot of crossover opportunities and experiences that relate to or can be applied to good dentistry and patient care. Every experience that I have in my travels and life that provides good service, good products and good values can be taken away and applied to providing better patient care and treatment. And the same can be said about a bad experiences as well.

Following that train of thought, I would like to share my experience of recently eating at the Portland food cart Nong’s Khao Man Gai. This food cart is considered by many to be one of the best in Portland, and given the high standard of food in Portland, that says a lot about how good it is. And their tag line is  simply “Chicken and rice. That’s all we do.” Yes, chicken and rice, that’s all they do but they do it very, very well!



The chef/owner’s name is Nong, it’s her nickname, and she is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Nong moved to the USA in 2003 and Portland, Oregon is now home.

As Nong would tell her story, “There’s so much good Thai food that people haven’t tried. Tourists in Bangkok are always choosing this Khao Man Gai dish so I felt I should bring this here to Portland. The dish is made of rice and chicken at the perfect spice. Good for anybody and it’s delicious. It is only one dish but there’s a lot of work that is put into it and I’m very proud of this process. I wanted to do The best Khao Man Gai that I can in USA. I did a lot of homework to find all the ingredients. The best chicken that will have to flavor that I want. All the ingredient are hand selected. And I’m telling you it’s not that easy to find. Sometimes I have to go to more than three stores to find that one ingredient.  I’m using Marys Chickens. I always try to use local ingredients that I can find as well.”  Thank you Nong for the good food and inspiration.

So how is good food like good dentistry? Simple ingredients of the highest quality done to perfection. Sounds good to me!

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD