Friday night was another great weather night to walk around downtown and take in the Lane Art Council’s October First Friday Art Walk. The walk was sponsored by the Hult Center and hosted by the 2012 Slug Queen, Queen Sadie Slimy Stitches. The first stop was the New Zone Gallery, where gallery guru Steve LaRiccia welcomed and entertained all to start the evening. It was really a nice night for art, entertainment, good company and eventually good food and drinks to start the weekend.

See you next month when I sponsor the Lane Art Council’s November First Friday Art Walk and help transition into the Fall art season.

Liora Sponko, Executive Director of the Lane Arts Council and Steve LaRiccia, at the New Zone Gallery


Liora Sponko, Queen Sadie Slimy Stitches and Steve LaRiccia

Don’t ask me the name or what it does, but if you ask Steve he would gladly fill you in on all of the details!

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD