Featured Art and Presentation

The new year will see a new look in the office, an opportunity to feature some of the art in the office that had previously just blended into the background and had lost some of its sense of being special. Although the effect of a change in appearance may seem minor, it has a big effect on creating a more positive and healthy attitude with staff and patients without making a special or deliberate effort. That is the effect of art and the benefit of healing art, that satisfaction with the office/clinic environment is an important part of service quality.

The featured art is on the back wall of the front desk/patient check in area. It has a signed print by R.C. Gorman, Navajo Gallery, “Navajo Dawn”, (the story of the print could fill up 10 pages so I will save that for another time or share the story if asked in the clinic), an amazing bronze piece, “Silent Prayer” by Jan Jackson, enrolled member of the Klamath Tribes of Oregon, and a cast glass “spirit vessel” by Sharon Gilbert of Talisman Glass. The art compliments each other and fits in well with the esthetic and design of the office.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to share this with my patients and staff, and to have it be a part of our continuing effort to improve the service and experience of patient care in my dental practice.

Wishing you wellness and happiness in 2012.


R.C. Gorman "Navajo Dawn"

"Spirit Vessel" by Sharon Gilbert/Talisman Glass

Art Table featuring cast glass by Sharon Gilbert/Talisman Glass and bronze work by Jan Jackson, Klamath Tribes

Art Table





Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD