Summer went by so quickly that it seemed like a blur and this post got pushed to the wayside. It was such a sweet evening and fun time that it makes it fun to write it later because it makes me revisit the evening … so bear with me on this one as I get nostalgic for Summer.

Music on the Half Shell is a Roseburg tradition for over 20 years. Every summer season, people gather on Tuesday evenings at Stewart Park to listen to music, socialize, eat dinner on the lawn and experience the great community in which we all live or visit. This years line up was as strong as ever and closed on August 28th with Madeleine Peyroux performing an incredible set on an absolutely gorgeous Summer evening. If I only had one word to describe the singing of Madeleine Peyroux it would be BUTTERY! Her music is as soft and satisfying as butter on … fill in the blank! If you have never attended this music series before I highly recommend that you add it to your “to do list” for 2013.

The weather was perfect, the music was sublime and the company exceeded it all.

Early seating provided good seats, but there really isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The “Party Wagon” was fully equipped, stocked and open for business! Yes, those are three wine bottles in the picture and I’m sorry that the other two weren’t, but for 5 people on a warm Tuesday night that was plenty of grapes to go with the butter!

Like I said, not a bad seat in the house and if there was a house she would have brought it down.

Having wanting to go for years but not having the opportunity because it’s a work night, I was grateful to have finally been able to go and was especially appreciative of the hospitality and generosity of the Party Wagon Gang … who will be named at another time.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD