Does good food make for good dentistry?

My staff bristles whenever I compare a dental practice to a good restaurant, but I will stand by my belief that there are more similarities  than differences. My first consideration is the chef, who like the doctor in the practice, sets the standard of the quality of the product produced. Nothing goes out that the chef wouldn’t eat his/her self, and the same can be said about the standard of dentistry. Would you want that treatment for yourself? The next is the fact that everyone contributes to the quality of the product and they are pivotal in getting consistency in that quality. All of the staff in a dental office contributes to the quality of the practice and they all work to build value into every experience that the patient has. The front desk staff represents the front of the house and are the first to greet the patient coming in and the last to thank them on their way out.  The greeting and thank you is sincere appreciation of the patient choosing to receive their care in my office. In the end, like a restaurant, everyone wants to leave with the feeling and belief that there was a fair exchange of value and that they received the best care and that their expectations were met, if not exceeded. Given that experience they will not only return but will recommend it to family and friends as well. Hmm, sounds like a good restaurant to me!

I find my inspiration in good food and the passion and dedication it takes to prepare it. It’s for that reason that I enjoy the cooking classes offered at Cook’s Pots and Tabletops, where they consistently bring in top quality inspirational chefs. The most recent class I attended with John Gorham from Toro Bravo, Tasty and Son, Tasty and Alder in Portland was another prime example of why I enjoy cooking and food, and why I appreciate so much what I do and the opportunity it provides me. So yes, good food does contribute to good dentistry!

Toro 1

John Gorham, the incredible talent behind Toro Bravo. Like they said at the beginning of the class, “Tonight you are going to run with the big bull!”

Toro 2

The tasting menu was a sampling of dishes from a new restaurant, Mediterranean Exploration Company, to be opened this summer in Portland.

Toror 3

Grilling the lamb kebobs on the Evo Grill …

Toror 4Plating the food was a serious matter, it was a change from all of the fun of cooking it and the joy that came later from eating it.

Toror 5Carbonated strawberries? There will be a whole future post on this …

Toro 6

If anyone is a fan of the television show Knife Fight, then they will get the humor of this picture. If you don’t know the reference then I will just share that the bigger knife did not mean the better chef on this night.

Thank you John for the great class and great food and thank you Cook’s Pots and Tabletops for another fantastic evening. If you have never gone to a class at Cook’s Pots and Tabletops and you enjoy good food, I would highly recommend that you sign up and go. And if you do, tell them that Dr. Don sent you.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD