Marche Hamburger

Sometimes you need to take a break from the busy work week, take a break from your special diets and restrictions, put the calorie counter away and just enjoy a slow lunch and afternoon. Chew slow, savor flavors, have good company in a great ambiance, or vice versa, and live well.

One recent guilty pleasure was the Marche Hamburger at Marche Restaurant at the 5th Street Market.  Chanterelle mushrooms, gruyere cheese, thyme ailoi served with pom frites. I will be the first to admit that won’t be on many of the top lists for healthy consumption, but food can be as nourishing for the soul as it is for the body, and sometimes the mind wins out. There were many other great choices on the menu, but a guilty pleasure needs to make you feel guilty so I steered away from those other options. And not to pile on the guilt and turn it from guilt to gluttony, I won’t even mention the cocktail list or dessert menu.

Although it was a working lunch, the total experience hardly made it feel like work.

Stephanie Pearl Kimmel, founding chef/owner, has built an amazing business here in the community that needs no mention here to acknowledge how good it is. We are very fortunate in where we live because it truly allows us to eat our view, to be able to buy and enjoy locally raised, grown and sourced foods of the highest quality. And it allows places like Marche to do the same, giving us the opportunity to enjoy those guilty pleasures like the 3 hour lunch with great food and company. All in moderation!

Support our local farmers, ranches, forages and businesses. The strength and wellness of my dental practice is directly related to the strength and wellness of the community. Sharing, caring, supporting each other and living well is the keystone to making this a healthy community for all.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD