PASSION – a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

Mauro 2

The term PASSION has almost become a cliche, an easy buzzword to convey a feeling without really experiencing or expressing the meaning. Because of this it is amazing and refreshing when you get to experience the presence of someone that truly lives the passion for what they do. Tonight I had that pleasure by attending a class hosted by Cook’s Pots & Tabletops that featured Mauro Golmarvi, Chef/Owner of Assaggio Restaraunt, Seattle, WA. My words and pictures might not do justice to my enjoyment of the class and the true passion for Italy and food that Mauro shared with us, but I will try.

Mauro 3

This picture fully captured Mauro’s personality and enjoyment of people. It didn’t matter if you knew him before or had just met him, every greeting was accompanied by a hug and possibly the affectionate kiss of friendship on both cheeks. Mauro 1

Mauro often said that he was honored to meet you, honored for you to attend, honored to cook for you … and it was sincere every time he said it. But really the honor was mutual.

Mauro 4

Caponata, a tomato prep served over toasted bread set the standard for the night. “Get out of the way of the food, let the food shine”

Mauro 5

Mauro said that the best tools we have are “the ones from God“, and often food was better prepared or eaten with your hands. The spoon was dropped shortly after this picture and he showed us what he meant.

Mauro 6

Insalata di Panzella … not exactly sure what it meant, but my guess would be delicious!  It followed Mauro’s maxim that “the less you fuss with it the better it is!”

Mauro 7

“You don’t have sex with your food, you make love to it and it’s passionate!” Could we find a better way to describe what we prepare and share with another?

Mauro 8

Bocelli Prosecco Doc-Extra Dry from Bocelli Family Wines. Yes, that Bocelli! Long before Andrea was famous for making music, the Bocelli family was known for making wine. This was a pleasant treat and was nice compliment to the other wines served during the class, Marchetti Verdicchio de Jesi, a 100% Verdicchio, and Bocelli Rosso Tuscano, a 100% Sangiovese.

Mauro 9

Zeppole, an Italian donut that varies by region. “How can this simple ingredient have so much power?”

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the class and appreciate the crew at Cook’s Pots & Tabletops for the good work they do to bring in great chefs and putting on the classes .  Like Mauro, Keith and Cathy also share a great passion of food and have great help from Danielle and Katie. I strongly encourage you to take one of the classes that they offer and I doubt that you would be disappointed. And if you do go into the store or attend one of their classes, tell them that Dr Don sent you! Ciao


Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD