“The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to ward off heart attack and stroke. About 30 percent of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease can be prevented in people at high risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, and even drink wine with meals, a large and rigorous new study has found.

The findings, published on The New England Journal of Medicine’s Web site on Monday, were based on the first major clinical trial to measure the diet’s effect on heart risks. The magnitude of the diet’s benefits startled experts. The study ended early, after almost five years, because the results were so clear it was considered unethical to continue.

The diet helped those following it even though they did not lose weight and most of them were already taking statins, or blood pressure or diabetes drugs to lower their heart disease risk.”

This information is from an article in The New York Times Health section, published  February 25th, citing the article in The New England Journal of Medicine. If you are interested in learning more about the Mediterranean Diet then I  highly recommend the book “Good Food Great Medicine” by Mea Hassell and Miles Hassell M.D.. It is a great resource of information on the diet and provides some great recipes as well.

Good eats and good health!!


Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD