A wonderful Oregon landscape

The new art direction of the office is to have a static art display rather than a dynamic display that changes every other month. After more than 10 years of featuring two new artists every other month, I have decided to suspend the art shows and focus on a single artist. The work of Katsu Shibata, East Meets West Photography, is the featured art currently up in the main area of the office and it is a pleasure to be able to share.

“My art is all about absorbing myself into an activity.
I enjoy watching nature; changing constantly, never duplicates;
Light, color, subjects – They are all essential elements for the drama. When I encounter the perfect moment,
I am touched; I want to capture that scene.
I am absorbed in the process
– the wonderful space that one can be in.”

Katsu Shibata

Katsu paying meticulous attention to the detail of hanging his photographs

Bob Keefer of the Register Guard in the Fall of 2011 had this to say of the show Katsu had at the Hult Center Jacobs Gallery, “In the end, Shibata has taken a technical weakness of digital photography — its easy tendency toward brittleness — and turned it to artistic advantage.”

The Oregon Coast


Katsuyuki Shibata

East Meets West Photography
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Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD