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COVID-19 Safety Measures


Dentistry has long been a leader in infection control in the health care industry, creating a safe environment for patients and staff. I have always taken exceptional pride in the efforts made in my practice to maintain the highest standard of care for my patients.


The current pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to assess our infection control practices and protocols. It’s an opportunity to recognize what we are doing well, review what needs to be improved, and put in place additional protocols to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, their families, and myself.


—Dr. Donald Dexter & Staff

Here is a summary of some of our current infection control practices:


  • Standard protocol of masks required of everyone in the office, including patients and staff, except for patients during their dental procedure.
  • Reduced and eliminated touch points throughout the office, including the removal of coffee services and magazines.
  • Acrylic barriers at the front desk.
  • Reduction in volume of patients seen in the practice to reduce patient flow and traffic in the office, allowing for safer social distancing.
  • Proper PPE (personal protective equipment) — masks, gloves, glasses and clinic jacket appropriate to patient treatment.
  • Standard industry protocol for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in the treatment rooms.
  • Health/medical grade air purifiers in each treatment room, capable of filtering particles down to the size of 0.07 microns and up to 1,400 sq ft/hour.
  • Cold fogging with hypochlorous acid (read the blog post) to disinfect the air in the treatment rooms between patients and the whole office during the lunch hour and at the end of each day.