With an almost full moon on a clear Monday night and the temperature hovering around 38, it was a perfect night to take the easy option for a warm and satisfying dinner at Toshis Ramen. Ramen is becoming a new comfort food with culinary efforts elevating it way beyond the Top Ramen that many of us knew and relied on during our lean years and limited diets. We continue to be very fortunate here in Eugene to have such high quality food options available, whether it’s food of our own making or dining out. I’m a big fan of Toshis Ramen and I hope if you haven’t tried it before that you take an opportunity to, you won’t be disappointed.

Toshi, the Ramen Master doing the good work. I’m always impressed to watch a master at work in his/her field of expertise, the passion is evident in the results!

Ahhh, the “HERO SHOT” of a perfect bowl of ramen, the Shoyu Original. Toshis Ramen, check it out.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD