CHARM comes from the Greek notion of charisma, that compelling attractiveness certain people have that inspires devotion, or as Albert Camus believed gets you to the position of  “yes” without having actually asked the question.

“Charm is being written out of modern life at a time when we have never needed it more. It’s being destroyed by an increasingly risk-averse generation of managers with an agenda to do the impossible: turn maximum profit while pleasing as many people as possible.”

Charm is effortless but it’s also a responsibility, it requires a degree of honesty and integrity and it’s something that can’t be faked. Charm is entirely human-it’s about character and individuality. Charm is about conviction-having an opinion,following an instinct, feeding a passion. The internet does not have charm, even though this is a charming statement.

Charm is unquantifiable, which is why many overlook it, yet it’s arguably the most important factor in securing repeat business. It’s fragile too, not something you can buy,takes time to nurture and requires safeguarding because, once lost, it’s near impossible to reinstate.

Charm is a special quality, a set of attributes fed by doing things based on human feelings.  Honesty, integrity, simplicity, durability, tactility and charm are words that help businesses to thrive but can’t be taught because you have to genuinely possess those qualities.  My staff possesses charm …  And that is the difference.

1. Smile … A small gesture transforms transactions and makes them matter.

2. Be Honest … Be proud of qualities that can’t be faked.

3. Be True … Have an opinion. Don’t workshop your vision and values.

4. Be Friendly …  We all want a bit more warmth.

5. And … Charm is not measurable but can definitely be powerful.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD