Bare with me as I share a sentimental blog about my family and family values.

Baseball is one of those rare events that can make most men feel like a boy and can make any son seem to you like he is 10 years old and you are with him at the park. It is one of those moments if you are so fortunate to have that it creates lasting memories. Hot dogs never taste as good as they do at a baseball game, the smell of fresh cut grass is never fresher and the excitement of walking into the stadium is like seeing the ocean for the first time. At least these are the feelings it creates for me.

Orioles 2

My father loved baseball, excelled at it as a youth and was a life long fan. I shared his love of the game but sadly we never went to games together. I often wonder if he had thought that it would be something that we would have time to do together later, but he didn’t live long enough for me to ask or for those later times to come. The lesson I took from that was that you don’t wait for later to enjoy the company of your children and if we are so fortunate we will find out that as adults they have become people that you like and would have them for a friend even if they weren’t your child. I am so fortunate.


I had the recent opportunity, or I should say I made the effort, to go to an Orioles game at Camden Yard with my oldest son Nathan. We aren’t Orioles fans but it didn’t matter who was playing because it really was about spending the time together, in good company, doing something we both enjoy. It was an amazing time, the memories are forever and the time can never be taken away or given back.

Nate n I Orioles

I am grateful for my life, I know how hard I have worked to get there and continue to work daily, and am I also very appreciative of the trust that my patients have in me to allow me to provide their health care. I am honored and appreciative to have that opportunity. And this is my sentimental blog …


Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD