I had the misfortune of cracking the root of one of my teeth, which meant that the tooth needed to be extracted. It really wasn’t something that I wanted to have done, but if you need to have it done then you want it done by the best. We have the good fortune of having  good oral surgeons in our community and the standard of care that they provide is very high. I feel very fortunate that we have in our community an oral surgeon like Dr. Timothy Welch, and I feel fortunate that I can call him a colleague and a friend.


Pre-Op Tim and I were both smiles, but I will admit that having a tooth pulled is a very emotional experience and I was more stressed than my smile let on.


Post-Op, everything went well and I looked no worse for wear. Dr. Welch and staff were great from the front to the back, on my way in and out. Having gone through the experience, it provided me with a renewed appreciation, empathy and sensitivity to what our patients go through. I am definitely more humble now and have a greater respect for the services our specialists provide for my patients.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD