It’s been said that good food is great medicine, and that eating well is a vital part of living well.

Archestratus, the Greek poet and philosopher, in 330 B.C. wrote his manifesto on food, “The Life of Luxury”; which to summarize said to keep things very simple, source the best ingredients and let them shine. It was a good philosophy in 330 B.C. and is still a good philosophy in 2015?

Living in Eugene and Lane County provides us with a great opportunity to source our foods from local farmers, ranchers, fishermen and foragers all within a 50-mile radius from where we live. We live in an area of abundance and there is a twofold benefit to buying your foods from producers within this 50-mile radius: you are getting the freshest foods from a known source and you are supporting the local economy by shopping in the community. In doing so you are contributing to your own health and the economic health of the community.

Farm stands at the Lane County Farmers Market, Eugene, Oregon

I plan to feature some of the local producers within our 50-mile radius from Eugene in a series of upcoming blog posts. I hope to help you recognize the ability and opportunity to live and eat well within your 50-mile Eugene food hub. In addition, I will include some recommendations on how you can live and eat healthy by preparing simple meals with the fewest ingredients of the highest quality. Eating well doesn’t have to be cost or time prohibitive and hopefully I can offer tips on how it can be done.

Since my knowledge on this matter is not exhaustive, please feel free to contact me at to recommend sources that you are aware of and support. Your feedback and contributions are always appreciated.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD