2013 Movies, Books, Music and … More

2013 is going to be an amazing year of personal and professional growth and development for me. Along the way I intend to continue to experience the things that I personally enjoy and in addition I plan to watch 52 movies in the theater, purchase 52 CD’s of newly discovered music and to read 24… Read More

Music On The Half Shell 2012 Finale

Summer went by so quickly that it seemed like a blur and this post got pushed to the wayside. It was such a sweet evening and fun time that it makes it fun to write it later because it makes me revisit the evening … so bear with me on this one as I get… Read More

2012 Summer Ending Memories

Although we still have some good weather to come and Summer isn’t over yet, after Labor Day it just feels like a natural transition is coming between the seasons. This past week was like a time lapsed version of my Summer, sped up into one week with all of the highlights and joys … work,… Read More

Return Of The Market!!

Today was the first day of the 2012 Eugene Farmers Market/Saturday Market, the 43rd year, and you couldn’t have picked a nicer day. With mostly clear skies, no rain and very little wind, it was perfect weather to open the market season. The Farmers Market/Saturday Market is as much a social event as it is… Read More