What’s on your toothbrush is what goes in your mouth

Toothpaste makers are constantly striving to build a better paste, but what exactly goes into these products that allows for their cavity-fighting, breath-taming, shine-inducing, gum-soothing, white-boosting magic? Toothpaste may be one of the more taken-for-granted products that we put in our mouths. It’s not a food product so it gets less scrutiny than, say, Diet… Read More

What is The Hidden Cost of Health Care

Everyone has seen the ads regarding dental insurance:  cheaper than a Starbucks coffee,  cheaper than a Big Mac meal, cheaper than a movie ticket. We know the price of insurance, but at what cost to your health? Dental insurance is changing the field of dental care and these changes will have a long-term impact on… Read More

Sleep Dentistry and a Student for Life

I remember when I was in dental school and all I wanted was to finish and get out and practice dentistry. School was a means to an end, it’s what you had to go through to prepare yourself to go out and apply all of that knowledge in the real world.  To finally be done… Read More

Simple Quality

Simple ingredients of the highest quality done to perfection. People who have read my blog will see a very common theme: food, travel and family. What might be lost in my messages is that there are a lot of crossover opportunities and experiences that relate to or can be applied to good dentistry and patient… Read More

Providence Bridge Ride 2014

Sunday was the 19th annual Providence Bridge Pedal Ride in Portland and you couldn’t have asked for a better morning. The ride was 18,000 strong with the Healthy ‘n Fit pediatric weight management program this year being the beneficiary. Healthy ‘n Fit is an 8-week weight management program designed for young people ages 8 to… Read More


Does Homer Simpson have sleep apnea? “Someone on The Simpsons will die in the season 26 premiere and it could be Homer Simpson, who has a newly-diagnosed sleep disorder. With a portly build and a large neck circumference, television’s most famous cartoon dad has long fit the profile of a person at-risk for sleep apnea.… Read More

Oil Pulling

A patient last winter asked me if I was familiar with “oil pulling” and I confessed that I had not heard of it or knew anything about it. She shared with me that it had been recommended as a regimen that potentially had many therapeutic benefits. My interest was piqued and I did some homework… Read More

Good Food, Good Dentistry?

Does good food make for good dentistry? My staff bristles whenever I compare a dental practice to a good restaurant, but I will stand by my belief that there are more similarities  than differences. My first consideration is the chef, who like the doctor in the practice, sets the standard of the quality of the… Read More