Don’t make the same mistake I did. Why I recommend and provide athletic mouthguard

Regardless of the sport, dental injuries can happen to anyone that participates in sports at any level. My own personal experience is a good example of what can happen and what the consequences are when you don’t wear an athletic mouthguard. While playing a pickup game of basketball I was elbowed in the mouth and… Read More

Root Canal Awareness Week: Endodontist Dr. David Wilson

This week marks Root Canal Awareness Week (May 7-13, 2017). We are joining the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) 11th annual celebration to help spread the word about the root canal specialists known as Endodontists and the important role they play in dental health. A patient is referred to an endodontist by their general dentist… Read More

What is The Hidden Cost of Health Care

Everyone has seen the ads regarding dental insurance:  cheaper than a Starbucks coffee,  cheaper than a Big Mac meal, cheaper than a movie ticket. We know the price of insurance, but at what cost to your health? Dental insurance is changing the field of dental care and these changes will have a long-term impact on… Read More

Sleep Dentistry and a Student for Life

I remember when I was in dental school and all I wanted was to finish and get out and practice dentistry. School was a means to an end, it’s what you had to go through to prepare yourself to go out and apply all of that knowledge in the real world.  To finally be done… Read More

Oil Pulling

A patient last winter asked me if I was familiar with “oil pulling” and I confessed that I had not heard of it or knew anything about it. She shared with me that it had been recommended as a regimen that potentially had many therapeutic benefits. My interest was piqued and I did some homework… Read More

Good Food, Good Dentistry?

Does good food make for good dentistry? My staff bristles whenever I compare a dental practice to a good restaurant, but I will stand by my belief that there are more similarities  than differences. My first consideration is the chef, who like the doctor in the practice, sets the standard of the quality of the… Read More

A Dentist’s Dentist

I had the misfortune of cracking the root of one of my teeth, which meant that the tooth needed to be extracted. It really wasn’t something that I wanted to have done, but if you need to have it done then you want it done by the best. We have the good fortune of having … Read More