Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush Giveaway

I’m often asked which electric toothbrush I recommend. The electric toothbrush market is dominated by two main players – Philips Sonicare and Oral-B. Truth be told there is no right or wrong choice when you decide to invest in the benefits of an electric toothbrush. Some people will find that they prefer one over the… Read More

Live & Eat Within Your 50-Mile Eugene Food Hub

It’s been said that good food is great medicine, and that eating well is a vital part of living well. Archestratus, the Greek poet and philosopher, in 330 B.C. wrote his manifesto on food, “The Life of Luxury”; which to summarize said to keep things very simple, source the best ingredients and let them shine.… Read More

Interview with NEWTW!ST in Eugene, OR

As a customer of NEWTW!ST, I have enjoyed their carefully curated collection of goods and consistent service from a motivated and friendly staff for over 20 years. Through my own positive customer experiences with local businesses like NEWTW!ST, I am inspired to maintain the high level of service we aim to provide at our South… Read More

What’s on your toothbrush is what goes in your mouth

Toothpaste makers are constantly striving to build a better paste, but what exactly goes into these products that allows for their cavity-fighting, breath-taming, shine-inducing, gum-soothing, white-boosting magic? Toothpaste may be one of the more taken-for-granted products that we put in our mouths. It’s not a food product so it gets less scrutiny than, say, Diet… Read More

What is The Hidden Cost of Health Care

Everyone has seen the ads regarding dental insurance:  cheaper than a Starbucks coffee,  cheaper than a Big Mac meal, cheaper than a movie ticket. We know the price of insurance, but at what cost to your health? Dental insurance is changing the field of dental care and these changes will have a long-term impact on… Read More