Artist Statement

The magic of the land is all around us in a visual language. Photographs capture a flattened kernel of that language. / facebook / @nicksiegrist

Nick Siegrist, Featured Artist, Don Dexter Gallery, Eugene, OR

Displayed at Don Dexter Gallery

Search for the Landvættir, July–September 2017 (Q3)

Where do you find your inspiration?

History and world that surrounds me

Favorite thing to do in or around Eugene…

Spencer’s Butte, biking, and the Cascade Raptor Center

Quote that inspires your creativity…

“You are free and that is why you are lost.”
—Franz Kafka


Search for the Landvættir by Nick Siegrist
July–September 2017 (Q3)

In the 10th century, King Harold Bluetooth sent a warlock to infiltrate Iceland in preparation for invasion. Spirit guardians arose from the living earth to defend Iceland. A hill giant, taller than the mountains, defended the southern coast.


Nick Siegrist currently works for Pacific Northwest Publishing as Creative Director. He has been shooting film and digital photographs for more than 15 years.