Artist Statement

For an artist, photography can be a means of expression that is unique over other art forms. Its subject matter is based firmly in reality, and its images are capable of capturing and emitting emotions that some may never feel from anywhere else. This unique opportunity allows for the photographer to share her perspective with the world, framing her images so that she may give insight into her own visual rendering of reality, and also allows her a release of expression as each visual image is captured. This is true for NaSara, as each captured picture gives her emotional release and in turn seeks to do the same for her audience.

— NaSara Parsley

Eugene Dentist, Don Dexter Gallery, NaSara Parsley

Displayed at Don Dexter Gallery

The Umpqua–a Valley of Timeless Wonder, January – March 2016 (Q1)

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from life. I see things that can never be captured in the same way again and I capture them. I love the raw emotions of life I can express it all through photographs. I am inspired by the mysteriousness that can show up in a single moment of time. Life has its ups and downs, whether it be good or bad in nature or humanity I love it.

Favorite thing to do in or around Eugene…

Going to Skinner’s Butte Park is amazing.

Take the kids there to play at the park. We take family hikes and it is pretty awesome to take photographs at. We love it!!! It is a pretty awesome park.

Quote that inspires your creativity…

You will never have this day again, So make it count. Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go. Just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have over come.


The Umpqua–a Valley of Timeless Wonder by NaSara Parsley
January-March 2016 (Q1)

My collection of photographs depict the wonders of the umpqua with the intention to bring the viewer to the local nature within our state.


NaSara Parsley is a twenty-eight year old wife and mother of three. Primarily a portrait and family photographer, NaSara has a passion for creating photographs that move her audience and captivates their attention, and has a talent for capturing her clients at their most natural and raw moments. NaSara attends school full time as she pursues her Transfer Degree at Umpqua Community College with the aims of majoring in Business and Photo Journalism upon transferring to a university. This is NaSara’s debut gallery and she looks forward to many more as she continues her professional journey.