Artist Statement

My art is all about absorbing myself into an activity. I enjoy watching nature; changing constantly, never duplicated; Light, color, subjects – They are all essential elements for the drama. When I encounter the perfect moment, I am touched; I want to capture that scene. I am absorbed in the process – the wonderful space that one can be in.

I enjoy creating art. I enjoy photography, especially landscapes. I am especially drawn to the remote areas of Oregon, where I keep going back year after year. Wherever I go, I look at scenes with a fresh perspective that is uniquely my own. I may not be capturing images of famous iconic spots. Instead, I look for beauty in ordinary scenes.

Katsuyuki Shibata, Featured Artist, Eugene Dentist, Don Dexter Gallery

Displayed at Don Dexter Gallery

From the Rockies to Cascade-Sierra Mountains, October-December 2018 (Q4)
Reflecting on the Water, April–June 2016 (Q2)
January–March 2013 (Q1)
August–September 2011 (Q3)
June–July 2010

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in nature surrounding me. It can be remote places in southeastern Oregon, hidden shores and beaches on the Oregon coast, or extraordinary moments in ordinary places. Regardless of the location, I am always inspired by the special moments that I may encounter only on rare occasions.

Favorite thing to do in or around Eugene…

Hiking along the Ridgeline Trail and the Spencer Butte Trail with my family. For photography, I enjoy visiting Alton Baker Park Canoe Canal near Cuthbert Amphitheater. Depending on the time of the year, the scenery there can be completely different. I have seen gorgeous fall color in one year, then snow and ice-covered landscape in winter with a beaver swimming through the canal. Finding wildlife in and around the city is always a wonderful surprise during these activities.

Quote that inspires your creativity…

At the moment, I can’t think of famous quote that inspires my creativity or my work, but whenever someone gives me a feedback, it always fuels my creativity. So far, “understated images” has inspired me the most, as it is perhaps something that I have aimed for all along during my creative process (without exactly knowing that myself).


Katsuyuki Shibata: From the Rockies to Cascade-Sierra Mountains
October–December 2018 (Q4)
A collection of Katsuyuki Shibata’s new work from 2017 and 2018 showcases the understated beauties of the Canadian Rockies and Cascades-Sierra Mountains Province. While most of the images were captured at non-iconic locations, Katsuyuki strives – as always, for conveying his excitement and unique perspectives through his photographic exploration.

Katsuyuki Shibata: Reflecting on the Water
April–June 2016 (Q2)

Water is an important element of my landscape photography. I am especially drawn to sceneries with captivating colors of water; blue, green, turquoise and emerald green. Combined with other elements like earth, flora and sky, those encounters continue to resonate with me long after I experience them.


Katsuyuki Shibata grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and studied graphic design in high school. After moving to the U.S. in the late ‘70s, he continued to experiment with various art media, including drawing, stained glass and printmaking, while exploring other adventures in life. He re-discovered the joy of photography 11 years ago and started to capture the images of Oregon landscapes. In 2011, his first major exhibit “Views – Near & Far” (with a basketry artist, Sally Metcalf) at the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene, was well received by viewers and the media. He has regularly shown his work at Don Dexter Gallery. In 2014, and again in 2017, Katsuyuki was selected as one of the artists for the Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery Artist Roster, organized by the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.