Art, the practice and appreciation of, has always held a high value in my life. It is a source of great personal pleasure and has had an enriching impact on my life. Art is a personal enjoyment of mine that I like to share with friends and family and is a benefit that I feel fortunate to be able to share with my patients and the community.

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Photograph by Catalina A. (Eugene: From Holga with Love), November 19th, 2016, Karin Clarke Gallery

In the planning and development of my clinic, the creation of a space that allowed for the display of art was a high priority.

Using the model developed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, the art program in my office has three components: community art, art collection and healing art.

The first component, community art, consists of creating and providing a space that allows the display of local art work. I have created two gallery spaces in my Eugene dental office to feature two local artists for quarterly shows. An artist reception and community open house is hosted for each new art display. I am currently focusing on being a photographic gallery, exclusively showing the work of local photographers.

The second component, art collection, consists of having a static art display in my office. You may walk through the office and enjoy the work that I have collected, an eclectic collection of various mediums and artists. The majority of it are pieces collected from previous shows.

The third component, healing art, is based on the studies and work of Dr. Robert Ulrich from the University of Texas, whose work focused on the positive effect of art on healthcare outcomes. If we are mindful of these effects and can create an environment that positively influences staff attitudes and patient health care, then the patient is better served.

I have tried to create an unique space to practice dentistry and provide health care. Art is one of the cornerstones this effort, I hope you enjoy.